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Natural Resource Brand is Where Humans Make Real Connections and Discover Real Solutions

The Natural Resource Brand, NRB, is based on the belief that natural resources aren’t limited to water, oil or any of the typical associations we have.  Instead, we believe that the greatest natural resource, the one that fuels the world, drives life, and changes the course of the future one person at a time is “You”.  We believe that each person is innately equipped to spark others through our relationships and inspire a purpose driven life.

The circle represents self. Like the circle, we have an infinite amount of resources and gift within us that is continuously being used and replenished while we "lift as we climb" through life. As our connections in life grow and mature, the circle get larger, but it's always in a state of both giving and receiving. The arrows represent the many directions that gifts can flow in, out, and through your life.  


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