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Professional Development (RMI)

The "Relationships Matter Initiative" (RMI), a professional development program tailored for educators and administrators. RMI focuses on building healthy and sustainable relationships with students, creating a conducive learning environment that fosters trust, respect, and safety. This initiative has demonstrated a positive correlation between strengthened teacher-student relationships and improved academic performance, as well as reduced reliance on punitive behavior management strategies. The RMI series is also available in the corporate setting.

SS Asking for Permission
SS Affirmations
SS Ask Questions
SS 1 or 2
SS I Noticed Statements
SS Handshake
SS Home
SS Brock Leadership
SS Follow Through
SS Awards
SS Instrumental Music
SS Positive Communication
SS Intentional Optimism
SS Purposeful Scanning
SS You Got Options
SS Positive Phone Calls (PPC)
SS Positive Posture
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